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The impact of Cambridge's contribution to science, medicine and technology goes back centuries - take a look at our various initiatives that explore and celebrate the city's leading achievements.

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The Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact

What do CERN, smartphones, the iridium satellite network, the most popular app stores in the world, the biggest online game in the world, Moscow drivers, Seniors golfer Tony Johnstone, sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis and anyone who has their DNA sequenced have in common? They all rely on innovations that have come out of the technology cluster known as the Cambridge Phenomenon. This book, a follow-up to The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 Years of Innovation and Enterprise, showcases what the Cambridge technology cluster has done for the world. The Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact reveals just how many of us rely on Cambridge technology every day.

The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 years of innovation and enterprise

The Cambridge Phenomenon is a multi-dimensional portrait of one of the world’s most enterprising clusters of technology businesses set against the backdrop of the University of Cambridge. Richly illustrated with photographs, cameos and anecdotes, this book tells the inside story of the companies and the people behind them, their products and services, successes, failures, lessons learned, the evolving relationship with the University, and considers what the coming decades may hold. For many years, the Cambridge Phenomenon has been the subject of business, economic, political and academic interest for those directly or indirectly involved in its companies. Those on a quest to unlock the code to its development and success, will find the answers in this book.

Conference: The Future Starts Here

On Tuesday, 5th October 2010, three hundred global business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and media converged on Cambridge for The Future Starts Here: The Cambridge Phenomenon 50th Anniversary Conference. The day was structured around four themes: IT; Biosciences; Funding; and the Future. Exhilarating presentations and challenging debates were punctuated by one-minute pitches by the CEOs of promising young companies who were competing in an audience vote to be the Cambridge Phenomenon's most exciting company of the future.

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