50 years of innovation and Enterprise

Order your copy todayThe Cambridge Phenomenon is a multi-dimensional portrait of one of the world’s most enterprising clusters of technology businesses set against the backdrop of the
University of Cambridge.

Richly illustrated with photographs, cameos and anecdotes, this book tells the inside story of the companies and the people behind them, their products and services, successes, failures, lessons learned, the evolving relationship with the University, and considers what the coming decades may hold. For many years, the Cambridge Phenomenon has been the subject of business, economic, political and academic interest for those directly or indirectly involved in its companies. Those on a quest to unlock the code to its development and success, will find the answers in this book.

What people are saying about the book

It’s an honour to be invited to participate in this book celebrating the remarkable history of innovation and enterprise around Cambridge. These are accomplishments worthy of celebrating at a time when innovations in areas like technology, health and energy are so vital to the entire planet.
— Bill Gates KBE

I welcome this beautifully illustrated, definitive history of innovation and enterprise in the Cambridge region
— Sir Michael Marshall

I meet people all over the world who want to know the secret to Cambridge's success. The answers are in this book.
— Walter Herriot

Tim and I never imagined the incredible impact our company would have on the region. This book tells it all.
— David Southward

This book offers a fascinating glimpse into the mercurial nature of the biotech industry and its winners and losers.
— Mark Treherne

Who is the book for?

The Book is aimed at the people and companies who have contributed to building the Cambridge Phenomenon. There is a fascinating and colourful story to tell, shaped by many remarkable people and with invaluable experiences that we are keen to share within the Book. Cambridge has been described as the single most important region in the UK in terms of GDP generated from innovation and technology, and is arguably Europe's leading technology and biotech cluster.

Today, around 1500 companies employing more than 40,000 people drive the Cambridge Phenomenon, and representatives of governments, cities, research institutes and businesses from around the world come to Cambridge to try to understand the ingredients of our success. Since 1960, we estimate that more than 4,000 companies have been started in the area and we are keen to get in touch with the people who have worked in all of them. The book will be a compelling read, full of fascinating facts about the cluster and its personalities that you may not know and will make a splendid gift for you, your work colleagues and customers.


Third Millennium Information (TMI) Ltd is the leading publisher of high-quality illustrated books celebrating great institutions. At Cambridge TMI has published books with ten colleges and also the official publication for the University's anniversary celebrations – The University of Cambridge: an 800th Anniversary Portrait

About the editor

Kate Kirk has been a freelance editor and writer for more than 20 years. She has worked for international organisations, think tanks, specialist publishers and several leading European business schools. She grew up in Cambridge and has close family ties to the Phenomenon.

Advisory board

Gerald Avison Sherry Coutu Walter Herriot Robert Sansom
Alan Barrell Neil Davidson Jack Lang Christopher Saunders
Billy Boyle Warren East Mike Lynch Sally Simmons
Nigel Brown Harriet Fear Sir Michael Marshall Chris Smart
Matthew Bullock Elizabeth Garnsey Bill Mason Michael Thorne
Deborah Cadman David Gill Tim Minshall Alex van Someren
David Cleevely Lyn Gladden Tony Raven Shai Vyakarnam
Charles Cotton Hermann Hauser Andy Richards Bill Wicksteed